All tests good but gritty water leaving buildup on everything

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.

All tests good but gritty water leaving buildup on everything

Postby Combatcasualty » Sat 16 Apr, 2016 15:35

Cl 3 (at target)
Br 6 (at target)
pH 7.8 (target 7.6)
CH 400ppm (target 300)
TA 60 (target 100)
CYA 30 (target 45)

I am a disabled Vet so sometimes it gets away from and I brought the numbers back to target but reporting them as initially found when scale discovered. Nothing here is that far off or would lead me to expect this amount of scale. It's on everything, tile, pebbletech bottom, plastic of skimmer, floating thermometer and even skin feels gritty when dry after only a few moments in the water. Dipping an arm to test is enough but my water is beautifully clear visually. I'm draining it now but I want to know what happened to prevent it from happening again. The surface is new as of 6 to 9 months ago but this only showed up in the last couple months. I kept everything balanced and brushed as I should've for the first month or two after refinish before relaxing to weekly or other weekly balancing because there was very little fluctuation. Everything seems amazingly stable so no idea what this is from. I'm in SWFL, keep temp at 87 and run the pump 10 to 12 hours a day (for solar heat) in winter but switch to about 6 in summer. Manually chlorinated using liquid only. Hydrochloric acid to balance ph. My filter media was in for about 6 months but regularly cleaned. I wanted to lower my CH anyway after the new bottom and hitting 400 so the refill was already happening. Now I'm doing total instead of partial so I can scrub all scale down and pump it out.

I tried to give all the info I can think might help explain this. My goal now is keep a lower pH, like 7.2 to 7.4 instead of 7.6 to 7.8 and just stay on top of the other numbers. Is it possible that multiple values being slightly off can cause such a dramatic issue?

Thank you

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