What is this? Scale, Metal, Paint, white layer of dirt?

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.
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I'm new here
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What is this? Scale, Metal, Paint, white layer of dirt?

Postby Pool Guy 75 » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 23:32

My Pool has been dealing with High PH for some time now which could be the cause, but I do not test for water Hardness nor TDS.

The scale/layer of this build up appears everywhere in my pool. I had to go in with googles, a hand brush, and a spraying bottle filled with boiling liquid ascorbic acid at high concentration (over 600,000 grams), which sprays like paste underwater to take most of the stains and stuff off.

Most of what I can determine appears to be calcium buildup over a dirt-stained firberglass surface (impossible to brush off even with a metal brush). Then there is this thick metal stains that don't come off too easily (one and a half hour scrubbing took only 1/4 of it away and 3/4's of my pool's paint as well). It looks like there are gaps on the painted pool floor showing the fiber glass and others showing a second layer of paint as hard as a calcium layer which has trapped dirt.

Usually my pool loses a lot of paint since its been painted last year with cheap paint and up until now we never really took good care of the pool's water chemistry, but ever since this scale and extra dirt-trapped layer has appeared, no more paint has been coming off to cloud up my water. In fact my pool's water is very clean and clear, and sparkly-blue. That's why the pool's floor is what can be seen the most with it's unattractive abnormal look in the past 3 days.


What is this? Scale, Metal, Paint, white layer of dirt?

Postby Guest » Wed 18 Mar, 2009 08:06

You should drain your pool and resurface it before the new season.

Strip the old paint and scale off and either paint or fiberglass again.

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