Severely discolored grout

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Severely discolored grout

Postby miken » Sun 31 Aug, 2008 22:41

Our older pool has severely discolored grout, along with a really nasty calcium buildup on the tile. Our local pool products company said the grout discoloration was from the chemical reation between the pool heater's copper elements and the chlorine in the water. The grout is now a brown color - probably used to be white. How do we restore the color in the grout - and what can we do to get the calcium buildup off the tiles (muiatic acid is slowly having an impact)?



Re: Severely discolored grout

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Feb, 2009 20:57

you should drain the pool and acid wash to get rid of the scale. this will also clean the grout somewhat. acid washing softens and erodes the grouting so should be done with extreme care

Severely discolored grout

Postby goran » Tue 03 Mar, 2009 09:40

Some folks manually scrape and gouge the old grouting out after the acid wash. I saw it being done with these hook-like tools. Then they pressure washed the pool and regrouted.

Our pool has grey grouting so we don't notice any dirt or discoloration.
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Severely discolored grout

Postby Pool Tile Cleaner Pro » Fri 25 Mar, 2011 17:00

Unfortunately, the only way to descale swimming pool tiles safely is to have them blasted away using glass bead or dry soda blasting. When we clean pool tile, we only need to drain the water a few inches below the tile line. We then us a very low pressure of 20 PSI to media blast the calcium and scale deposits away from the surface of the tile and grout. There is more info here. PoolTileCleaningPro. :thumbup:

Severely discolored grout

Postby scot » Tue 16 Jul, 2013 12:15

my grout has some discoloured areas, grey, someone suggested putting in salt approx. 6 or 8 25kl bags, has anyone heard of this before and could it cause any damage
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Re: Severely discolored grout

Postby Hilda00 » Tue 11 Oct, 2016 23:49

If you have calcium scaling in your pool tile, you can remove them by muriatic acid or dry acid dissolved in water. These can remove the calcium deposits in your pool. You can also use magnetic water conditioner to prevent calcium deposits in future.
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Re: Severely discolored grout

Postby SusanHerrera » Wed 12 Oct, 2016 01:18

Nice Ideas..

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