Opened pool to calcium deposits

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Opened pool to calcium deposits

Postby PoolTileCleaner » Fri 17 Sep, 2010 17:54

What ever you do don't use a pumice stone on thoes pool tiles. If they are scratched it will be worse the next year. Call A pool tile cleaning service. :thumbup:


Opened pool to calcium deposits

Postby Missy » Fri 29 Jun, 2012 14:25

We have had a pool for 2 years now. The pool is clear except around the whole edge is a calcium rust build up. It is like sand paper. It cuts open the bottom of your feet! It is extremely frustrating! Please please help
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Opened pool to calcium deposits

Postby Pjgd1 » Wed 18 Oct, 2017 11:05

Hi! I know your post is old but I was wondering what the end result was. Similar problem. Pool built and opened last June 2016. Pool builder closed then opened in April 2017. Opened to calcium crystals or whatever those sharp crystals are all over walls and floor of pool. Pool builder told me it was my fault I didn’t take Winter service where they come out in Feb and check chemicals in pool. I live in New England! Pool was covered. Forward to now, I had another company acid wash but crystals could only be remove by sanding. No guarantee that this won’t happen again. Ready to call an attorney!! Pool builder will not return calls! Do you have any advice??

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