rust colored stains on a pebbletec pool sufrace

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.

rust colored stains on a pebbletec pool sufrace

Postby MJH1948 » Sun 27 Jul, 2008 11:34

I have a pool that is 2 months old and just noticed some small (dime sized) rust colored stains in and around the bottom of the pool. I went in a used a light metal bristle brush and touched them "gently". They did start to come off but there was a residule color remaining. I use a salt water system with chlorine generator (Hayward) and the chlorine level seems to be perfect. I do find that the Ph gets high and add acid regularly to control this. Any ideas from the long-term experts out there?


Orange colored staining on new plaster pool.

Postby Raiderron » Tue 12 Aug, 2008 22:54

New plaster pool, filled March 2008, salt water system. Recently noticed orange staining on walls of pool, nothing on bottom, although there is an old stain approximately the same color. The recent stains brush off easily, you can remove by rubbing with finger. Northern California, noted area for "hard" water. Chlorine level OK, was actually high when stain first appeared. pH, as with any new plaster pool, requires frequent acid. Recently used "scale remover", add clarifier every 1-2 weeks. Other than stains, pool is clear. Internet research isn't revealing allot of information on orange colored algae. Will have water analyzed for metals ASAP: but why would metals settle on walls only? HELP.

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