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Postby JPV227 » Tue 12 Aug, 2008 16:36

I have been having a very hard time this year with maintaining all chemicals added to water . I was recomened to lower my pool 2 ft and refill with fresh water then bring all chlorine .ph and alkalitity inbalance and then add phos -x to water .before I added phos-x pool had become clear but had tiny tiny bit of green at some seams ( I have a vinyl liner 18 x 36 aprox. 25000 gal. ) I ,as directed shocked brushed and vacumed then added 40 oz as directed by pool co. and 8 hrs later pool was green .48 hours later pool was vacumed and water is 95% clear but color of water is still green . I know from past experiance asorbic acid will in a very short time turn the water blue again . If you can tell me what is going on I would greatly appreciate it

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Postby chem geek » Wed 13 Aug, 2008 01:52

If the water is a clear green and lower pH, from ascorbic acid for example, has it clear, then it's most likely copper. You can use a metal sequestrant to keep the water in solution and prevent it from showing up. Eventually, dilution of the water will remove the copper and in the meantime you may need to add more sequestrant as it will slowly degrade over time.

You should figure out where the copper came from. Some algaecides contain copper. If the pH was low or if Trichlor pucks were used in a skimmer, then a copper heat exchanger in a gas heater could have corroded.

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