Mysterious stains

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
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Mysterious stains

Postby bdosmike » Sun 17 May, 2009 17:59

I live in Barbados in a town house with a 16ft x 10 ft pool identical to my neighbour's. It has been perfect for a year and the pool guy maintains both pools every week and checks chemical levels regularly.

For the last few weeks something really strange has been happening. In the mornings, the pool looks clean and the water is completely clear. But by around 4/5pm the water appears to be turning a pale yellowy brown and a band appears round the water line which is brown. The ridges on the walls of the pool under water also start to appear yellowy brown and when we turn off the pump, the floor of the pool is streaky yellowy brown, especially round the edges and the steps. It looks horrible.

But the next morning, it has virtually disappeared. And the pool next door, just 12 feet away is perfect.

Pool guy has tried shocking it, scrubbing it and it goes for a few days and is then right back again. But only really visible in the evenings as if something is responding to the bright sunlight and developing and then fading away in the dark.

Pool guy has taken samples for lab testing and he says they are not showing anything unusual. Our water here in Barbados has a lot of lime and when we rub our hands along the wall in the neighbour's pool there is a white residue (calcium/lime?). But it is not visible to the naked eye and not troublesome. It is as if we also have the residue, but there is something in it that turns yellow/brown in the afternoon......

Any ideas, suggestions, help would be extremely welcome. Thanks in advance :-)

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