air pillow deflated

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air pillow deflated

Postby confused » Mon 27 Oct, 2008 08:54

we winterized our pool about a month ago and yesterday we looked out there and the air pillow has either deflated or popped. We did not blow it up real tight when we put it in. It was a big 14x8 one. Our pool is 33' round. I am not sure what happened. Any ideas how to do this easier than having to undo everything? Do you have to have these things? Also, do you have to use the "air pillow" or can you use anything inflatable?

thanks for your help


Re: air pillow deflated

Postby Guest » Fri 27 Feb, 2009 09:44

You can use anything inflatable.

There is no quick fix to getting the deflated pillow reinflated.

Air pillow deflated

Postby goran » Tue 03 Mar, 2009 09:50

Yup. You need a floaty thingy to keep the cover from sagging too much and collecting much more water.

Having the pillow go flat is a real bummer. You got my sympathees :eh:
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Air pillow deflated

Postby PoolsComHelper » Mon 09 Mar, 2009 15:37

Unfortunately, air pillows aren’t really made to last for long and whether or not they are crucial to winterizing a pool has been debated for decades. Manufacturers of air pillows maintain that they are basically a sacrificial item within the pool when water begins to turn to ice. Basically, the ice pillow is meant to be weaker than other items or surfaces inside the pool so that it will move or shift as water freezes. This action may destroy the pillow, but theoretically is saves other items such as covers, liners, and fixtures inside the pool. Many pool owners elect to use nothing. Don’t sweat it. If the pillow has deflated, it probably just means that it served its intended purpose and you may need to purchase a new one next season. Tip: Be sure to pump the water off the top of your cover in the spring before you take the cover off. The goal is to keep the water on top of the cover from spilling over into the pool. As well as all the debris on top of the cover. If you cover is a mesh type, don’t wait for all the water to be drained off before you begin removing it. A mesh cover will allow water to pass both ways through it and you may end up draining the entire pool before you get the water off the cover. I’ve learned that one the hard way…

Good Luck,
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air pillow deflated

Postby Pool Pillow Pal » Fri 04 Mar, 2011 16:21

To make the process of putting in an air pillow really easy, use The Pool Pillow Pal, it's a connection device and method which connects and centers the pool pillow to the winter cover; no ropes, no ties, and no headaches of trying to center the pillow and drag the cover over it.
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I'm new here
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Re: air pillow deflated

Postby lucyjohn987 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 05:26

Firstly use a floating thing, if it will work then use air pillow

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