New pool owner here planning ahead.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 24' x 54" above ground pool from The Great Escape

New pool owner here planning ahead.

Postby 97Widerider » Mon 03 Jun, 2019 13:07

Hello all. New member here. I live in NW Indiana, just outside Chicago about 60 miles and 16 miles inland from Lake Michigan. That should tell you what my winters are like. Well after a couple years of back and forth, I went forth and bought a 24' x54" above ground from Great Escape. Install went o.k., unfortunately the installer skid loader did a number on my yard and that is additional costs. I believe it was a little wet for a pool install but I know they have to get them in to make money. It has rained damn near every day here since April.

Anyway, I finally got my chemicals balanced and am not so stressed about keeping a well balanced pool right now but I am stressing about winter closing though and I haven't even started to really use the pool.

I am in a very open area with no windbreaks. I am looking at a cover called Hurricane Dome cover. It's about $275.00 but has water bags for weight and straps and tie downs. Rated to 50mph gusts. This is what I think I need if this works as advertised. I get very high winds almost year round.

If I don't go this route, then I will probably get a standard winter cover and hope all goes well. I read that tubular sand bags are sometimes used placed on the pool rails (at the uprights) to keep the cover on. Would 70 lb sand bags be too heavy at every other upright on the windy side?

I know my situation is a worse case scenario. Does anyone have a similar setup and how do you make it work. Thanks,


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