Opening Pool Problem with Baquacil

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Opening Pool Problem with Baquacil

Postby Barrs » Fri 18 May, 2012 07:58

I just opened our 13,000 gallon above ground pool. We have Baquacil. The pool water was clear and I first vacuumed the pool and discharged the water and settlement overboard. I then filled the pool with well water. After running our Baracuda I took a water sample and took it to our pool supply store for testing. They said the ph was perfect. They told me to add two bottles of shock, a half bottle of Baquacil and 8-ounces of algaecide. After following their "written" instruction for adding the chemicals, I let the pump and filter run for several hours to mix the chemicals and water. When I went out to turn off the pump yesterday evening I notices with disdain that there was a white foam all over the surface of the pool water. Is there anything I can do to reduce or eliminate the white foam caused by my adding the Baquacil chemicals. I had already tightened all the hose clamps and run the pump for several hours with no forming of foam before I bought and added the new chemicals... If you can't trust your local pool retailer to test you water correctly and sell you what you need what can a citizen do? Thanks!!! :thumbdown:

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Opening Pool Problem with Baquacil

Postby chem geek » Fri 18 May, 2012 16:35

The algaecide you used was probably a cheap linear quat and these tend to foam. That will be temporary and will eventually go away. Long term, however, you will likely run into other problems with your Baquacil pool including white water mold. When you are ready to convert to a chlorine pool and have less problems at far lower cost, then you can read The Pool School.

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