Winter pool safety checklist

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I'm new here
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Winter pool safety checklist

Postby Rocky » Thu 28 Dec, 2017 23:47

When its time to close the pool for winter there are some specific tasks that one must take care of. Especially the winter in Ontario provides several additional pool hazards due to the snow, slippery ice, and freezing temperatures. These are some chores that you should add to your winter pool safety checklist.

1. Ensure that the children are properly educated about the dangers of a pool.
2. Keep all the accessories and toys out of the pool.
3. Get the help of a pool maintenance company for pool service
4. Consider properly winterizing the pool to make sure the freezing water doesn’t cause any damage.
5. A strong winter safety cover should be attached to the pool
6. Fence the Pool area

I hope this will help you. Thanks!

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