Keeping winter cover on

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Keeping winter cover on

Postby DMHAND » Wed 01 Oct, 2008 05:25

We are needing suggestions. We have an above ground 18X33 vinyl lined pool with a deck at the end, cat walk and fencing all the way around. We are out in the open with straight north winds and we have a hard time keeping our cover on over the winter. We used water tubes, put tires in the middle of the cover, filled it with water, all of this the end would blow up pull the water tubes off and it ALL would go into the water. Finally we cabled it down on the north side but was uncomfortable doing this weaving it in and out of our fencing. Last year we opted not to cover and had the summer from you know where and a HUGE bill with chemicals getting it cleared up, so this year we are back to covering it.

Any suggestion on how to keep the cover on??? We are closing this weeeknd.

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