problem closing my pool - help wanted

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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problem closing my pool - help wanted

Postby netscorer » Wed 08 Oct, 2008 07:38

Hi guys,

We inherited big inground pool when we purchased our new house this past spring. Pool was opened by pros in May and we spent more then a month to clean the water as previous owner did not use the pool for the past five years.
Since I was not satisfied with how the pros did their job opening the pool (rushing through everything with hardly a single comment on any specifics on running the pool and charging what seemed to be a steep price for a half-an-hour job) we decided to close the pool ourselves.
The problem I have that I would like to solicit your help is with the ladder. It just does not want to be removed! It looks like it's completely fused with the cement anchors and no matter what force I tried to apply it does not move an inch.
I tried to follow advise on the ehow_dot_com site (search for 'How to remove and clean your pool handrails or ladders.'). Obviously I don't want to cut my ladder if push comes to shove.
Any advise here would be appreciated!

I would provide pictures if I would know how to get around the 'no URL' rule on this site.
genre(dot)com /tempo /pool/ IMG_4426a(dot)jpg
genre(dot)com /tempo /pool/ IMG_4427(dot)jpg
genre(dot)com /tempo /pool/ IMG_4428(dot)jpg
genre(dot)com /tempo /pool/ IMG_4429a(dot)jpg


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