above ground pool covering

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above ground pool covering

Postby Norwalk Engineering » Wed 29 Oct, 2008 10:51

Hello our names are Jeremy and Josh and we are involved in the PLTW engineering class at Norwalk High School. PLTW, or Project Lead the Way, is a set of engineering courses for high school students and is a series of four classes. We are involved in the final class which is called Engineering Design and Development, or E.D.D. In this class we must find a problem and solve it.

The problem we came up with involves swimming pool covers and we were wondering how difficult it is to install a swimming pool cover.

Thank you for any and all input. Please post any and all comments that you think would be helpful, including the size of your pool.

Do you find it easy or hard to put on a pool cover?

How many people do you usually have to help you put on your pool cover?

How big is your pool?

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