Spring start

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Spring start

Postby confused » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 14:05

I was wondering about the spring pill a lot of places are advertising. It says you add it to the skimmer. However I had some questions. It says it is slow release so when would you add it? We live in indiana and was not opening the pool til memorial day. That means the skimmer won't be hooked up til about then. Can you add it to the pool water kind of like the winter pill and when. Does anyone know how long it takes to empty out.

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Re: Spring start

Postby Guest » Fri 27 Feb, 2009 02:48

Spring maintenance really needs to start when the days are sunny and begin to warm up.
You cannot use a slow release product like the spring pill unless you are running the pump.
This product seems to be an algaecide and clarifier in a slow release form.

Spring start

Postby Guest » Mon 02 Mar, 2009 08:19

What is the best first steps to opening our pool. We want to open at the end of the month and this is our first spring with pool
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Spring start

Postby chem geek » Mon 02 Mar, 2009 11:30

See this link for opening an above-ground pool.

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