No water coming out of pool Jets:(

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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No water coming out of pool Jets:(

Postby kim750 » Thu 06 May, 2010 09:38

Hi. This is my first year trying to do the pool myself and I am determined. I have gotten the water chemistry right, the pool is vacuumed and very clear. Now, all of a sudden, there is no water coming out of the jets in the pool. What can this be from? I have had to prime my pump several times because it has lost suction. Don't know what is causing this. Now no water coming out of the jets. Anyone know what this could be from? Forgive me if I ask too many questions, but I am new at this and trying to learn all the terms and all. Thanks so much,

Pool Enthusiast
Pool Enthusiast
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No water coming out of pool Jets:(

Postby SteveM1800 » Wed 12 May, 2010 13:20

Either there is a blockage, which sounds less likely if your pool and water are clean, or your motor is bad and you need a new one. Has your pool been working in good condition recently while the water has been clear?

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