decomposed debris on pool bottom

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decomposed debris on pool bottom

Postby sunny2pools » Thu 27 May, 2010 15:45

We have just opened our first greenish/black pool. After days leaving the filter running, lots of backwashing, algaecide, clarifier and shock, I still have a mess of decomposed organic material and dirt on the pool bottom. This is minute specks of leaves and other organics that have decomposed in the pool over the winter (yes, we did use a mesh cover, not sure what happened!)

How do I get this mess out? Seems to me that a regular pool vacuum wont suck up the minuscule debris and dirt...the holes in the filter are too big to handle it.

Any suggestions? (Its a smallish above ground pool)

I've had the water tested at the pool store.. said its fine.. of course, its still mighty cloudy and dirty because I keep stirring up the crap on the bottom to see if I can get it to filter! I'm at a loss....

Thank you!


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decomposed debris on pool bottom

Postby Xclusive » Thu 27 May, 2010 16:16

Hi Sunny,

You can get the debris out by vacuuming. It's just gonna require some patience and the right approach. First, if possible on your system, I would vacuum to waste. Don't use your filter for this process. You also eliminate the chance of that debris coming right back in to the pool by vacuuming to waste.

As far as actual vacuuming you should move the head slowly in a straight line, from wall to wall. Do it in strips. You will still stir up some, but if you do it slow enough it wont cause too much clouding. After you've vacuumed the entire pool in this manner, turn off the system. Let the rest of the debris settle again, and repeat this process until its all gone. Just remember to fill the pool back up to the correct level before you set the system back in to filter mode. Recheck the chemistry after that, and if your readings are off consult with chem_geek on this forum to help you get everything back in to norm.

By the way what kind of filter do you have?

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