reverse polarity no longer functioning

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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reverse polarity no longer functioning

Postby Achitophel » Wed 28 Oct, 2020 02:47

Over the last 25 years I've been through 4 or 5 saltwater chlorinators, each one a different and supposedly better one than the last. The latest technology hasn't always been an improvement - eg an LCD panel with multiple settings via a variety of buttons - brilliant in theory - near impossible to read in daylight!
But 4 years into the life of the latest (from an 'award winning' manufacturer since gone bust), the reverse polarity no longer works and a build up of calcium on the electrodes is happening.
Chlorine is still being generated and the cell is manually cleanable fairly easily.
But I would prefer it to reverse polarity and self clean automatically.

My question is simply this:
Is this a DIY proposition and if so how?
Other pool owners have told me that seeking advice from a pool shop invariably is that the cell or the main unit or both is irreparably unserviceable and that a complete new unit and cell, preferably to be fitted by the shop, is needed.
Does anyone know just what is involved. Is it a faulty cell (albeit one that is generating more than sufficent chlorine) or the unit.
Is there a fix, eg a self contained pre-set polarity changer on the market that can be fitted into the circuit somewhere or some other way of restoring the auto polarity changeover?

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