How can we disinfect swimming pool water by ozone?

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How can we disinfect swimming pool water by ozone?

Postby Jessesun » Mon 06 Sep, 2021 21:50

As we know, ozone is a kind of green disinfectant and in many aspects has replaced UV, CL2, CLO2 etc. Today, I want to discuss how we have ozone to disinfect swimming pool water by the following questions?

1, how long does your ozone generator or ozone system in 24 hours?
2, if ozone system does not run all day, how do you control it, manually control or by PLC automatically ?
3, How often does the water in the pool circulate in working time?

Please remark the size of your swimming pool.

Lastly, I share some experience on how to figure out what ozone machine you need for your swimming pool?

Firstly, we need to know that it is by CO3 and contact time in water to control disinfection effect when we have ozone disinfect water (CO3 is concentration of ozone), like 0.4ppm, 4 mins contact time for drinking water disinfection is enough 

decay rate of hour ozone in water 61%
mixing efficiency of ozone in water around 50% (when we have verturi jet to mixing water and ozone by 0.8 mpa)
working efficiency of ozone machine around 75%

Now, suppose that our water flow per hour is 100m3, and (ozone disinfection concentration) CO3 is 2 PPM (2g/m3), now according to the following formula to figure out production of ozone machine we need

Production of ozone machine =100m3 x 2g/m3 / <(1-61%) x 50% x 75%>=1367.52g, so we know that for the ozone disinfection system, you need to 1.5kgs/hr ozone generator.

what is the most important 4 aspects for ozone water mixing system?, when we have ozone in water to disinfect

A, ozone generator's working efficiency
B, ozone generator's CO3 (concentration of ozone)
C, accuracy of gas flowmeter
D, PLC performance (Programmable Logic Controller), like time to reach CO3


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