Zodiac new range of Ei2 SWGs

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Zodiac new range of Ei2 SWGs

Postby RonPace » Sat 25 Sep, 2021 02:37

If anyone is here looking for advice on what salt water generator is good, seriously, please avoid the new Zodiac Ei2 range.

I am sure the technology is fine, but the installation of the cell is an absolute nightmare. The base is in two halves that clamp around the delivery pipe, but instead of having a traditional style collar with bolts to clamp them together, the two halves rely on two little sprung lugs to hold them together with the final clamping pressure applied from the cell retaining ring. Sounds ok in theory, indeed it looks ok with the components on the table. The reality is something completely different.

I am sure this design will be changed when Zodiac realise the numbskull designers are cr@p and sack them, but until then, I really do urge you to avoid!

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Re: Zodiac new range of Ei2 SWGs

Postby Teapot1 » Sat 25 Sep, 2021 13:40

Sadly so much pool equipment is badly made, I hesitate to use designed as that would suggest some skill and thought. The new Pentair stuff breaks very easily too.
I believe the draughtsperson just copy other companies rather than innovate. Sorry you are having trouble and thank you for reporting back.

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