Replacing Intex SWG

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Replacing Intex SWG

Postby Dakotastar » Fri 06 Aug, 2021 17:07

We have an Intex combined Sand filter with a SWG - 26675eg (Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System CG-26675). We bought last year and the pump failed and was replaced under warranty. The SWG ran fine until this month the electrodes will no longer function even after regular cleaning. Looks like Intex is not making them for this combined unit any more and there tech was useless.

We found an Intex 26669EG Intex-120V Krystal Clear Saltwater System (Model ECO 6110).

Our question is if anyone has done this and replaced just the SWG of this combined system? The control panel on this until runs both the SWG and the Pump. But of the new one 6110 it has its own controls for the SWG but not the pump.

Can we piggy back this 6110 for the SWG while still running the pump and filter on the original system? We are willing to try - but thought if anyone else had done it and could give advice that would be helpful.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Replacing Intex SWG

Postby Admw12 » Sat 09 Sep, 2023 19:14

I did exactly this and it worked really good until I got the code 93 after 1 year. I’m now replacing the standalone unit.
For the combo unit, I disconnected the power to the salt generator by opening it up and unplugging and isolating the leads. Then I removed the alarm speaker.

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