Hayward aquarite goldline issues

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward aquarite goldline issues

Postby hemi9673 » Wed 20 Sep, 2023 17:04

A couple of weeks ago my Hayward aqua right system showed check salt and inspect cell. The display also showed low salt levels. I added salt. A week later the system showed check salt and inspect cell again and displayed low salt levels. So I added salt again. We got back from vacation and the display showed the same thing again. I took water to have the salt levels checked and it actually came back high. I then took the salt sale to the pool company and it passed their check. I have checked the PCB board and found nothing that looks wrong with it. Is it possible that the PC board could be bad which is causing this problem? Has anyone else seen this? Also, is there something I can check to verify that it is the PCB board?

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