No apparent chlorine from DigitalNano

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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No apparent chlorine from DigitalNano

Postby Almost2SA » Sat 22 Oct, 2011 11:30

Hi All I am looking for advice. I have been struggling with my SWG since I installed it about two months ago. I cannot convince myself it is doing anything since I am unable to maintain any chlorine in my pool. I do have some chlorine for a few days after adding bleach but it eventualy goes down to zero.

I phoned to ask autopilot if it is possible my cell is not working without getting an error code. After giving them my cell readings of 17V & 5.1A, they said it must be working and the problem is related to my pool water chemistry. Is it possible my cell is defective but still producing voltage and amperage values within spec?

I do see bubbles in my returns when it is on but when loosening the cell to test water leaking out of the fittings after the cell, I still show no chlorine in this captured water. I am sure my test kits are good and have used both DPD and the yellow solution (forget what this one is).

All sugestions are aprreciated
15K gal, 3200 TDS, pH 7.8, Alk 120, Hardness 800, CYA >100.

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