Ionization system

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Pool to be build next month. 4M x 7M intelliflow pump, concrete wall. which is the best system to use ? I was looking at caribbean clear copper/siver ionization ????? Please help
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Ionization system

Postby stangga » Thu 06 Sep, 2012 19:21

I'm about to build a pool but i still don't know which system to get for my pool.
Someone told me about the copper/silver ionization system and sounds very good. is it too good to be true or is it ? Caribbean clear is the specific brand. does any one know ? is there a preferred system ? Please help


Ionization system

Postby rwalton » Fri 07 Sep, 2012 08:49

I had Caribbean Clear installed when we built our pool. Used it for two years but could never prevent algae when the water temp was above about 90. Shut it off and have used liquid bleach, baking soda, and muriatic acid for the last two years based on the info in the Pool School on this web site. Pool maintenance has never been easier! Or cheaper!

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