Help with Zodiac Tri chlorinator

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Help with Zodiac Tri chlorinator

Postby Tapster » Mon 05 Dec, 2016 04:55

Two years ago, the guy who installed this unit for me set it so that every time the pool pump went on, the chlorinator would turn on as well, at the 50% setting. That worked great!!

So, recently, and entirely by my fault, my salt level went so low that the chorinator turned off.

I immediately dumped 80kg of salt in the pool and blasted it with 100% for 24 hours.

The pool is now crystal clear, but....

when the pool pump turns on, the chlorinator is OFF!

Does anyone know how to set this unit so that the chlorinator turns on when the pump turns on, and is set to 50%?

Many thanks!!!


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Re: Help with Zodiac Tri chlorinator

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 05 Dec, 2016 09:57

I don't have much knowledge of SWG's
Have you checked your salt levels as most SWG's require a 3000ppm salt level
Most SWGs have a "cold water" cutoff around 50/55F because the cell will not efficiently produce chlorine
Most people remove the cell in cold weather and chlorinate with bleach or pucks but be carefull not to raise your CYA with pucks

If everything is OK and you are in a warm climate have you tried searching online for a manual?

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