Intex Titanium Electrode Amperage

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Intex Titanium Electrode Amperage

Postby coldwater_pt » Fri 24 Aug, 2018 17:58

Hello everyone.
I have an Intex CS20220 system with Titanium Electrode For 16" Sand Filter & Saltwater System Cg and I'm having some issues with this system.
Some days ago the salt generator stopped working (no "bubbles") and since I have a background in electronics I started testing my system and found out that no current was flowing to the titanium electrode.
I have an exterior power supply directly connected to the cell and is now working, but I would like to know what´s the normal amperage and voltage this cell shall be supplied with. Currently it´s connected to 12V with a current of around 11A (which I think it´s too high) but I´m only trying to keep my water from getting green until I figure out what are typical voltage and amps the titanium electrode needs.
Hope someone has some numbers for me. Thanks

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Re: Intex Titanium Electrode Amperage

Postby Teapot » Sat 25 Aug, 2018 00:13

Please post when you find out as this will be useful information. Some other units use up to 24v and 6 amps but I have never tested an Intex unit

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