Aqua Rite versus Zodiac DuoClear

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Aqua Rite versus Zodiac DuoClear

Postby Richmond Hill Pool User » Tue 22 May, 2007 16:42

Hi, everyone -- My AutoClear Plus salt water generator seems to have died after only four years of use, so I'm shopping for a new system. Two local pool companies offer different products for about the same price -- one has the Zodiac DuoClear and the other the Aqua Rite. Does anyone have any opinions on the relative merits of these two systems? The thing about the DuoClear that makes me nervous is that it also has a mineral cartridge that has to be replaced every season at a cost of $99. Seems a bit gimicky, but the unit has a lifetime warranty (I guess the cartridge profit more than offsets the replacements they have to provide!).

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Postby Buggsw » Fri 25 May, 2007 00:58

Of the two, I'd probably go with the AquaRite.

Aqua Rite versus Zodiac DuoClear

Postby Disney2 » Fri 30 Mar, 2012 13:32

You are correct about the mineral cartridge having to be replaced every year but if you think about the cost of replacing the salt cell in the Aqua Rite system....that will cost you about the same. The salt cell has to be replacet about every 5-6 years. You can get this long out of one so long as you are cleaning it every season basically. Also the DuoClear system running with a salt level of 4000ppm and the AquRite runs with a salt level of 3200ppm. The DuoClear system allows you to have your Chlorine level at only 0.5ppm where as the AquaRite has you with your chloring at a level of 1-3ppm. These are all factors to consider when choosing which one.

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