Saltwater vs. scale

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Saltwater vs. scale

Postby micahharwell » Fri 01 Jun, 2007 01:32

My company builds a lot of rock waterfalls into ponds. I currently use ozone with an inline chlorinator for sanitizing. Most of our clients don't want to pay a pool service company for a small pond, so I'm looking for a solution that requires less maintenance - even if initial cost is higher.

One problem I encounter in my area is the hard water. It leaves tough calcium deposits at the waterline and areas that get "sprayed" with water on our waterfalls.

What are your experiences with saltwater regarding waterline buildup?

Also, I use Pentair equipment almost exclusively. Any thoughts on their IntelliChlor system?

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Postby dynamictiger » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 18:08

I doubt salt is going to help in this situation. In fact it might make the issue worse as the salt will also leave a white residual where it evaporates.

One solution may be to consider using reverse osmosis water instead of tap water, or perhaps a water softener on the incoming supply. The RO will substantially impact the scale formation the softener less so.

This will lead to an increased cost for the client as the RO unit will not be inexpensive and may require a storage tank or automatic top up device in the pond.


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