Use both Aqua Rite Salt AND Nature 2 Professional G??

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Use both Aqua Rite Salt AND Nature 2 Professional G??

Postby mammoth » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 12:42

Could you use the Aqua Rite Salt Water Chlorinator along with the Nature 2 System? Or would be that overkill and just wasting money on the N2 cartridges?

I have a professional G installed on my pool and converting over to the Aqua Rite salt water chlorinator and was just wondering if I shut cut the N2 system out?

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Postby dynamictiger » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 18:04

In the old days Salt Cells were not warranted in the presence of cooper algaecides.

More recently the last three-four years the manufacturers have changed this position.

Being an old fashioned bloke I would be inclined not to run the N2 with a salt system for the above reason.


Postby mammoth » Mon 25 Jun, 2007 16:06

Thanks - I came to the same conclusion. Seems like the pool world is mixed on the effectiveness of the N2 system

Also, I think that the costs of replacing the N2 cartridges would be more expensive than any extended cell life you would get.

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