Weird Readings on my Chlorine Generator

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I'm new here
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Weird Readings on my Chlorine Generator

Postby SteedBC » Fri 17 Apr, 2020 11:57

I have an Aqua-Rite Chlorine Generator that I have been using for 12 years now.
I started up my pool this past weekend and added 5 bags of salt and my chlorine generator was reporting a salt level of 2600, which was still a bit low to generate so I added another bag of salt after turning off my generator and putting the pool on recirculate.
I used a manual salt test strip which now showed my salt level at a reading of 3000 which was perfect.
So I turned my pool back on to filter mode and turned my chlorine generator back on and after 're-setting' it, my generator started reporting a level of 8300. My generator is not showing a 'HI' salt level and it has been running for a few days now and using a test strip, it is producing chlorine at an optimal level - I have the setting currently set to generate at a rate of 30%, which is what it has been for years.
I have tried 're-setting' the generator a couple of times, with the same results and is still showing 8300 on the display.
Any suggestions?

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