In-lin chlorinator not filling with water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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In-lin chlorinator not filling with water

Postby BJMoses1 » Sun 16 Sep, 2007 11:53

I have a relatively new pool and we have been having many problems getting the in-line chlorinator to work properly. My pool company has replace the chlorinator twice and even upgraded my pump. I was finally able to get some success when I replaced my filter.

The problem I am seeing now is this:

If I close the top of the chlorinator all the way (so water doesn't leak out) no water will enter the chlorinator which results in a green pool. I have had a little luck by barely closing the cap all the way, but have been unable to regulate the amount of chlorine (I was over 3 ppm even with the chlorinator dial turned all the way down.

Can someone please help? What do I need to do to get this working properly?

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Postby Walter » Mon 08 Oct, 2007 09:14

look on the side and make sure it is plumbed in correctly. It should have an arrow to show which way the water should flow thru the chlorinator. If it is plumbed right then you might have a clogged chlorinator. Good Luck
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Postby mr_clean » Mon 08 Oct, 2007 13:49

this should also be plumbed in last after all the equipment not before any. I agree with above, make sure inlet & outlet are correct.

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