which SWG to buy?

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which SWG to buy?

Postby lou » Sat 27 Oct, 2007 13:52

I live in South FLA. and I am looking to convert my inground pool (approx 16,000 gals.) to saltwater. Can anyone either suggest a good swg or reccomend which ones to stay away from? Any opinions on Zodiac or Aqua Plus or Goldline?....Thanks

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Postby Walter » Tue 13 Nov, 2007 11:25

All pretty much the same, I have seen them all and there really isn't one against the other. I would go fro cost myself as they all use salt to generate chlorine. Jandy, Goldline, Zodiac take your pick
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SWG recommend

Postby donaldm823 » Fri 16 Nov, 2007 20:55

I recommend the Autopilot Digital. I installed one myself in mid Aug this year and have been extremely happy with the ease of install and the results of the chlorination.

It comes with it's own pre-made manifold with everything (cell, flow, temp detectors) already installed so all you do is glue in the PVC manifold to your existing filter discharge piping. As for the control unit-very sturdy, and wires directly to the same power source as your pump. It also has the option to control the pump directly vice using your present timer. Troublefree(dot)com forum has extensive Autopilot SWG info and one of the forum members is quick to give you tech assists (Poolsean)

If you do buy-do a thorough internet search for pricing as I got it half price of the advertised retail price (check out their web site autopilot(dot)com for more info)
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