Aqua Rite Problem

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Aqua Rite Problem

Postby Bengdu » Sun 17 Feb, 2008 14:27

We recently moved into a house with a pool that has a Aquq Rite system. The system is only 18 months old, but the pool had been neglected. It has never generated clorine. Here is what it does. The salt display and instant salt start a 0ppm after several hours they slowly rise and go up to as much as 4900ppm. The water was tested and the salt level is 3000ppm. The power, generating, and remote control lights are on. The instant salt level goes to 0, but the display stays at 4900ppm. I recalibrate by going to the instant salt level and moving the swith to superclorinate and back to auto. The display and instant salt go to 0, the low salt and inspect cell light come on. Then after several hours it starts all over again by the display going back to 4900ppm. Any suggestions? Could the circut board be bad? Is it time to call a service company?



Postby Saltwaterdude » Wed 20 Feb, 2008 04:00

I would get it looked at by a qualified person.

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