Aqua-rite generates for 10 seconds, then shuts off

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Aqua-rite generates for 10 seconds, then shuts off

Postby ayom » Sun 13 Apr, 2008 16:26

My Aqua-rite system generates for 10 seconds, then ceases to operate.

After the system is turned on, the "no flow" light flashes (which is normal) then the "generating" light turns on for about 10 seconds, then turns off. After that, the digital display stays at 3100 ppm until the system is turned off. That's all it does, every single time. Not sure if it's related or not but the "power" light never comes on at all anymore.

I've priced a new board but it's about $800. A new system is $1100.

My salt cell is only about 1 year old and I recently cleaned the salt cell just in case. I've had the cell tested and it is working. The local pool store tests my salt weekly and they range from 3000-3400ppm.

Any ideas where to look next?

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Postby Strannik-au » Mon 14 Apr, 2008 10:41

Would it be still under warranty if it's only a year old? Or is just the cell which is 1 yo?
If that's the cost of the new board i would look for a new system, other than Aquarite. Somebody who doesn't charge arm and a leg for spare parts.

You can test the cell cable if you like, but i highly doubt that it is the problem. Most likely it's a faulty board.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby sablack2 » Thu 22 May, 2008 11:22

mine is doing the same. power but no LED lamps. cycles on for a few seconds at a time. replaced the main board yesterday, but same problem.

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