AquaRite 20 with t5 cell or t15?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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AquaRite 20 with t5 cell or t15?

Postby ^Tom^ » Tue 13 May, 2008 02:59

i have new installed a AquaRite 20 with a T5 cell.
the chlorine production is very low for the 20'000 GAL pool.

can i just replace the T5 cell with a T15 cell, or have i to replace the control unit too?

the problem is, that i not bring up the chlorine level now (spring start up).
at the moment i like to wiat until i have the stabilizer filled in (comes next days) to add chlrorine tabletts extra to proper level.

thx for any ideas!

(the salt level is at 3200ppm)

20'000 GAL inground pool
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Postby Strannik-au » Tue 13 May, 2008 12:35

T5 is actually for pools less than 10000 gallons, so yeah you would need to replace it to T15.

I think you can just replace the cell in Aquarites, but better give Goldline a call and ask them.

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