"no flow" indicator light is on chloine generator

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"no flow" indicator light is on chloine generator

Postby efabes1 » Sun 24 Aug, 2008 18:08

"no flow" indicator light is on the chlorine generator control. What do I look for to correct? Also have green algae I can't get rid of.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby jam919 » Thu 16 Oct, 2008 22:04

There are several things that can cause low flow :

1. pump has lost prime - this you should be able to tell because there will be no suction at the skimmers.

2. filter is so full that the water flowing through it is not enough to satisfy the flow switch in the generating unit. Backwash filter.

3. There is an obstruction in the generator system - does the system have its own filtration (an inline screen or anything like that) that needs to be cleaned.

4. are there any shut offs that are off and should be on?

Chances are pretty good it is one of these.

It could also be a faulty flow switch in the generating system (if it looks like there is good flow throughout the system).

If the system has an outlet port (that dumps out on to the ground) open it up and see if water comes shooting out of it. If it does, the flow switch maybe faulty.

Good luck!

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