Intex 8110 stuck on startup code 88

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Stumbled on this fix

Intex 8110 stuck on startup code 88

Postby Stumbled on this fix » Wed 13 Jul, 2011 11:39

I was having similar probs with the timer being stuck. I had it set to 12 hours one night and when I tried to reduce to 6 hours, it wouldn't come off 12. I went through the steps to unlock the keypad several times, turned it off for awhile, unplugged it for a long time.. nothing worked. Finally, out of dumb luck decided to try this: :idea: Turn the power switch to 'off'. Press both up and down buttons while simultaneously switching the unit back on. My LED flashed 00 :thumbup: ! I let go of the buttons, went through the 'unlock' steps again and was able to set to 6 hours. Hope this helps!

Love Monkey

Intex 8110 stuck on code 91

Postby Love Monkey » Wed 01 Aug, 2012 17:06

I have also been struggling with the dreaded intex salt water pool clorinator code 91 ( Low Salt ) Alarm.

I have removed and cleaned the system with white vinegar to remove the calcium deposits that have built up on the sensor and generating plates.

After cleaning the unit I still had the dreaded code 91. This has been a problem for a long while for most of the summer we have added so much pool salt even though the machine was prompting that it was still low.

Today I decided to cleaned the Plates and sensor again, resulting same fault code 91, after looking at the electrical connectors, I turned the unit off first and unpluged electrical cord.

I decided to reverse the large connection cord plug to the clorination plates, I plugged the electrical cord into the unit and then turned on the generator.

When I turned the generator I noticed that there was no more code 91 infact I had a code 12 ( Which means 12 hour run cycle ) and the green light was on indicating that the unit is working.

I could also hear the unit operating kinda sounds like a small pump running. It is possible that the connection may be poor at the plate connector terminals, or possibly a reversed polarity when I had cleaned the unit prior, and incorrectly reassembled the unit.

I hope this info may help other's with this same type of problem.

Re: Intex 8110 stuck on startup code 88

Postby Gymguy » Fri 21 Jul, 2017 09:54

I have what seems to be an uncommon problem. My system no longer beeps. I was lucky to set it once since this has happened so I know it still works. Any idea how to set it without listening for a beep? I had turned it off for a quick second to check something and now it won't set. Help!!!

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