Chlorine generator question (Electric bill)

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I'm new here
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Chlorine generator question (Electric bill)

Postby KenBob » Tue 16 Jun, 2009 22:02

We are changing addresses and pools. Going from a chlorine pool to a pool that has a Chlorine generator. I did all the pool maintenance and chemistry.

The chlorine generator seems to be a great addition to any pool. The savings on buying chlorine may be worthwhile. The question that I cannot find the answer to is:

How much will my electric bill be from running the system (pump) 8+ hours a day to generate the chlorine?

I will be leaving a 40k gallon plaster pool that the pump runs 2 hours a day. Looks great and easy to maintain. I can't believe that running the pump 4 or more times longer to generate chlorine to sanitize the pool is more economical than the traditional chlorine method. The soft water benefits are not that important.

As of now, I have plans to remove the generator and start fresh with chlorine. Unless someone can prove that the electricity used to generate chlorine and the price of the salt and the costs of the system maintenance ( Cell, control panel electronics etc) will be equal to or less than a well maintained chlorine system.

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