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Postby pj101101 » Sat 20 Jun, 2009 16:00

Hi Everybody!

I first want to say what a great forum you have here, and the help that is posted is priceless. I'm glad to have joined!

I recently purchased a used Intex model 8111 chlorine generator, complete with 2000gpm pump and filter. I was assured that the unit was working 100% when stored last fall. It was purchased new mid 2008. All should be fine, except for reading the 9 pages if 'hate mail' towards our nemisis Intex Corp.

Here's my story so far. I have the 5000 gal above ground "framed bag of water" by intex. According to their website the ratio is 1 lb of salt per 40 gallons of water. So far I have put in 40 kg or almost 90 lbs of salt, waiting to add the remainder as per the 8111 will tell me untill the amount is satisfied.

The 8111 with pump has but one switch, so, I turned on the unit and trickled the salt into the return stream of water as it entered the pool, not wanting ot over-salt the unit. I have had the unit running for some time and I still have the 88 code. I've unplgged, replugged, swithced off, switched on, but still get the 88 code. Pessing the up/down arrows results only in quick annoying beeps from the unit. The used unit did not come with the dvd or any instructions, as I mentioned above, this forum has been a great help so far.

My questions at this time are:
How long should the unit take to initialise?
How long should the cycle be [once I get to that point]?
How long should you soak the cell in vinegar?
Can you use "CLR" instead of vinegar?
And anyone provide operating / trouble shooting instructions?
and the final biggie...did I waste my hard earned ca$h on this thing? The ones that work seem to be the cats pyjamas as it were.

many thanks,


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Postby 8111 OWNER » Thu 09 Jul, 2009 08:23

the unit will always show 88 until you program it (I have one). Press the left arrow once until you hear the "annoying beep". Then press the right arrow once until beep. Then use the right arrow to scroll through numbers 1-12 which tells the chlorine generator how many hours to run (until you do this you are only pumping water). I suggest you run it 12 hours. Now you are making chlorine! After 12 hours the pump will turn itself off.

Repeat the next day. They also recommend you do not run the chlorine generator when people are in the pool.

good luck!
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Postby 8111 owner » Thu 09 Jul, 2009 15:22

I forgot to tell you. After you program in the number of hours, hold down both the arrow buttons until it beeps!

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Postby NeedHelp » Fri 09 Jul, 2010 08:54

Here is the web address to download the CS8111 PDF., I received the manual and DVD with mine, for me its better to pull the manual up on the wide screen monitor, then print off the pages I'll use the most. I have the modification that will let the filter pump run seperate from the chlorination if interested?
http://www.intexdevelopment.com/proifv/ ... &lid=12125

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Postby Mommad » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 16:15

What are the modifications to run the pump separately ??

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