Aquarite "No Flow" fixed - now cloudy water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Aquarite "No Flow" fixed - now cloudy water

Postby m1k2s3 » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 19:02

I noticed that the "No Flow" LED light was solid red so I called our pool guy. The water was crystal clear and when I took a reading of the water, the free chlorine, PH, stabilizer and alkalinity were all within normal range. I had tried a backwash, unplugging and replugging the unit but nothing worked. The pool guy came out 2 days later and checked it out. He disconnected the cord from the control box, blew out the terminal points, then disconnected the wire from the control box that connects to the cell, blew out the terminal points and the "No Flow" LED light went off. Problem solved.

Except that now the water is completel cloudy and all my readings are off - free chlorine is 0 and PH and alkalinity are low too. What happened?

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