Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

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Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby Drowninginthe$$$pool » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 12:17

The Guru Of Pools wrote:Pool clown there are several things to consider. First, and most importantly, in order for the Aqua Rite to check the salt level in the pool it has to be producing chlorine, however if the salt level is over 4000 ppm it will turn itself off and not make chlorine. So if you are trying to test the salt level you may get a zero reading because of the Catch 22. So follow these steps to check the salt level:

1-Turn the percentage to 100%.
2-Slide the switch to off if it is currently in the Auto position.
3-Slide the switch back to Auto.
4-Wait for the generating light to come on then press the diagnostic button until you reach the large negative number. You have to do this as soon as you see the generating light come on, if you dilly dally the unit will shut down once the salt reads over 4000ppm. This is your instant salt reading. If it is over 4000 ppm you will need to drain some water out of the pool.
5-If the number is 4000ppm or below then slide the switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate then back to Auto. This will reset the salt level to the new reading and allow the unit to make chlorine. If the level is above 4000ppm it will not make chlorine it will automatically stop the chlorine production and you will get a zero reading for the salt level.

Your cell may have failed. As the Hayward / Goldline cells fail they will give you a false low reading of the salt level in your pool. NEVER ADD SALT BASED ON THE READING OF YOUR SALT GENERATOR! Always take you water to a professional swimming pool store and have it tested. The store should be using a salt meter (it is the most accurate than test stips, assuming they have checked the calibration with a standard salt solution. Don't hesitate to ask them if it has recently, in the last week, been calibrated.) Add salt only based on their results. If you would like to purchase a salt meter they are available on the market and will sell for between $100 and $200 dollars for a small pocket unit. Make sure you purchase a calibration solution at the same time.

I hope this helps you understand what is going on.

The Guru of Pools at

Further to a previous post by PTSinTX » Sun 16 Aug, 2009

Subsequent reply mentioned " SALT SENSOR"...

Where is this located?

Is this a discreet component that wears out with time i. waterflow erosion ???

If in the cell, can cleaning the "reset" sensor to operate properly?

Reason I am inquiring, is that my pool person, this morning, informed me " The salt generator sensor seems to
be malfunctioning. I tried to reset(?), but did NOT change. Call xyz for service"

Before I commit to further throwing $$$ into the money pit that pools ARE, I did some investigating on my own, as I wasn't present when pool person made the above assertion.

This is an Aqua Rite Standard (I guess as there are no additional letters etc.)
coupled with a T-15 cell.

(BTW-have had this system for many years with minimal issues)


When I open the control panel door the display showed/shows "62P'

Stepping through the diagnostic-the following indications were noted:

LED= Power ON: generating ON ( no other LED's on)

Press 1- -2800
2- AL- 4
3- r 1.33
4- 2900
5- 83
6- 25.7
7- 6.00
8- Return to top

Referred to manual to correlate data.
the best I gather is :

1= Salinity level
2= Product name sent to remote( in this case there is none)
3= Softwarte revision number
4= salt level (?)
5= Water Temperature
6= Cell voltage ( chlorine being generated)
7= Curren being drawn by cell ( 6 ampare I assume)
8- return to the top of "menu'.

I then discovered this forum and read various posts and went outside a

SECOND TIME to match some to of the details revealed in the posts and the diagnostic readings.

(I actully took photos so as not to second guess myself in the future)

Here's what I noted:
Display = 62P

Press 1- -0
2- AL- 4
3- r 1.33
4- 2900
5- 83
6- 31.6 **
7- 0.00 **
8- return to top of menu

Although stated in a previous reply, there seem to be a correlation between the " chlorine being generated #6=25.7 V ;#7=6.00 amps, and the presence or absence of reading @ #1.

So is it possible that my pool person is jumping the proverbial $$$$ gun. After all it's not their money-yes?

thanks for any and all replies.

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Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby erniek70 » Sun 20 May, 2012 18:10

bheffernan wrote:My Goldline salt system went from reading 3000 to 2800 to 1400 to 700 to 400 to 100 and then Zero in a day. I put a brand new cell in and I am still getting a Zero salt reading (3400 tested) and the Low Salt and Check cell lights are solid. Does anyone have any ideas. I did press the diagnostic button 5 times and reset it already.

I have the exact same problem:

I have a Hayward Aquarite chlorinator. My control panel recently has now displayed the "low salt", and check cell warning lights. I took in the cell to be tested, it passed, and my salt is 3000 ppm, so it is good too. What else could be wrong? The control panel? How can I diagnose my problem? I've tried the control panel reset (switch to off, switch to auto, cycle through diagnostic button 5 times, or so, until you see the negative value salt instant salt level, switch to super chlorinate, to reset, then switch back to auto). Works for about 30-60s, or so, then goes back to "low salt, check cell. sometimes shows display of 1500, sometimes 2100, sometimes it works fine too. Sometimes the aslt level is zero!!?? What can i do?

What is the solution?
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Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby tinalouise » Sun 10 Jun, 2012 11:54

We have not been generating chlorine, for awhile, keeping pool clean with shock. Had cell checked, working fine, cleaned cell throughly as well. So we opened circuit panel, and current limiter (little black component size of a quarter) was cracked, replaced it.

All diagnostics are working except now there is no salt display reading at all. All other readings are there, and still no sign of any chlorine in pool. Always had a salt reading level before, always low around 2200.

Does anyone know why there would be no display reading of salt? I did reset the salt chlorinator switch, but all that came up is 3.50 , which doesn't even seem to be consistent with the #'s that you usually get for salt.
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Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby Mazda1949 » Sat 11 Aug, 2012 11:32

Thanks Guru of Pools , I followed your info and was able to get my generator back up and running. It just seemed like it lost all its memory and needed a reset. I was begining to worry because it wouldn't read anything but zero before I followed your instructions. Once I got it to show the instant salt reading it started showing numbers other than zero . I had to do it several times before it gave me the true salt reading. It was below the 2400 the first couple of times and it kept increasing every time I did it and once it got above 2400 it started generating clorine. Then the numbers went back up to 3200 where they were supposed to be. Thanks Guru!!!!! (You da Man)

Re: Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby 003 » Wed 20 Jul, 2016 11:27

how to trick a cell to read higher salt level than its reading, unit in auto mode, push diagnostic button till you get to the minus sign slide switch to super chlorinate as number counts down when it gets to salt level of 3000-3400 slide switch back up to super chlorinate then back to auto that will trick the cell and the level you slid to super chlorinate the second time will show on the main screen
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Re: Aqua Rite salt level slowly counts down

Postby lost_guy57 » Sun 31 Jul, 2016 20:23

I have an AquaRite salt water chlorinator with a t-15 cell, used in conjunction with a variable speed pump. Power is always applied to the AquaRite circuit board via the Variable speed pump. The problem I have is the salt level counts down from 3200 ppm to 1700 ppm over the course of the night after a non active circulation period of 8 hours. I can go thru the "re-calibrate" process and generally speaking, this will work until the unit powers down for a few hours.

When the pump is running the cell is generating as I can see the gas bubbles emitting from the pool jets and chemistry tests verify it.

So is there a capacitor that may be failing in the circuit that measures salt levels? If so can you point it out to me which one is the likely suspect?

Could the variable speed pump's electronics be interfering with the AquaRite control board? The variable speed pump's electronics affects the operation of my pool lighting, so that is why I bring this up.
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Re: Aqua Rite salt level reads zero

Postby rob52 » Sun 27 May, 2018 09:12

I have the goldline aqua-plus and experience similar issues. My read-out indicates 2700ppm but pool store test reads 4300ppm. pool opened for 2 wees. replaced cell with hayward t-15 so i know cell is good. pool store test results indicated chlorine at 8 ppm, but also the phosphates at 4300ppb. water crystal clear and noo algae.
Can the high salt cause readout to be off? or can I recalibrate like the aqua rite does?

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