Swimming Insects

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??


Postby 3ofus » Fri 12 Jun, 2009 10:11

Hello Folks,
I had this problem many years ago in my pool. I tried everything to get rid of them. I read somewhere on the internet that it is the "PH" of the water that really matters. I can no longer remember whether it should be alittle high or a little low. Our "PH" here runs alittle high. I always have to lower it. If I do not Lower the PH, I run about 7.8 to 8.0 ........BUT I have no backswimmers. Maybe then, its high PH.
If you look up "Backswimmers+PH" on the internet, you may be able to find that article I found long ago.
All the Best


Swimming Insects

Postby bobc » Fri 03 Jul, 2009 19:53

hi all Something you can try , a couple of teaspones of dish detergent at night with the pump off. Let the water calm before adding the detergent. the bugs are air breathers and the detergent prevents them from getting air. Next morning their dead so you can net them out. Hope this helps

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Sat 18 Jul, 2009 16:08

i still can't get these water bugs out
Pacific NW swimmer

Swimming Insects

Postby Pacific NW swimmer » Fri 31 Jul, 2009 16:28

I've seen these swimmers in my pool both in Michigan and in Washington (the state). They like algea, so give your pool an extra boost of algeacide. Upon seeing the first one, I chase down all I find and squash the bageezers out of them. The gal at the pool store said there is a soaplike additive that puts a film on the top of the pool that keeps them from being able to swim because it coats their bodies. When chasing them down, look around lights, ladders, and steps; they are good hiders.

Swimming Insects

Postby apirl » Mon 03 Aug, 2009 21:15

when my cousin and i got in the pool we kept getting bit and we just though tit was by ants. but a few weeks later me and my friend were in the pool and i felt something bite me. then i saw a bug swim away. we went around the pool with goggles trying to catch it. after about five tries we finally cought it. I showed it to my dad and he just said to put it in our pond for the fish to eat. it was a clear colour. today i was going to get in the pool with my niece, but first i had to skimm the pool so when i got all the dead bees out i saw another one, so i scooped it up this time the one i cought was black and white. so i decided to do a little research and found this website. i dont know how to kill them but i am going to try to change the water in my pool and get a cover that covers the entire top of my pool so these little freaks cant get in anymore. i suggest that anyone who has the same problem drain there pool, fill it back up and get a cover so they cant get in. if the problem persists then, well im stumped... :problem:
Melinda in Tennessee

Swimming Insects

Postby Melinda in Tennessee » Thu 06 Aug, 2009 21:13

I got in my pool today and got these creepy bugs in my pool and they were a blackish metallic greenish blue. I also got bit the day before. I can't get rid of these creepy things! HELP! :cry: :cry: :cry: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Swimming Insects

Postby tstone » Tue 16 Mar, 2010 08:29

there are a pest in my pool to. I go around in my neighborhood and i clear there pool of algea and the bugs. another way is to find a turtle (or use neighbors turtle) and chlorine remover and stick the turtle in your pool and it will eat them.

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Mon 12 Apr, 2010 18:12

I live in Sydney and i also have a large number of little bugs in my pool. The backswimmer/boatmen bugs that have been written about seem way too large for the ones in my pool. The ones i have are only about 1mm in length but have hundreds of them. They are too small for the regular pool net to fish out. Cant be any coincidence that when i first noticed them a couple of days ago the pool turned quite cloudy. Does anyone out there know about the ones im talking about?


Swimming Insects

Postby charlezangie » Mon 17 May, 2010 17:06

I used dish liquid once...a whole bottle in 5000 gal pool. The pump ran all night and when i looked outside the next morning, it looked like a giant snocone...we laughed & laughed, so did the neighborhood. It did kill the bugs and no harm to the pool!!

Swimming Insects

Postby Karen » Thu 01 Jul, 2010 17:09

Hello! We live in upstate New York --- can someone please HELP us! We have very small white insects with wings floating on the top of our pool. They are too small to be caught in the skimmer and nets - they go through the nets! No one seems to know where they are coming from, what they are, or how to get rid of them. Can someone help us!!!

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Sat 10 Jul, 2010 19:18

Hi i have a pool and i find water bugs in it and im 11 and evr since i was small they been in my pool
i use to keep them , play with them , hold them , and one day wen me and my causen were holding them they bite her she said it feels like a sting :wtf: so eva since tht we left them alone and today me and my friend were catching them and like puting them in a jar and we scooshed one and it was gross and there alot of weird swimming bugs in my pool and once me and my cusn found lik a swimming rolliepollie looking one :evil: and wen we were looking for some 2day we looked and saw a frog in the drainer tht was dead and so gross -screams- :shock: and now we r looking and learning about them were scared to swim in pools , streams , and lakes
ps: we leared alot of gross , eww , freaky stuff

also meh grandma was wondering if u fart on them will they die ?ps : its ridicules :oops:

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 21:17

Hello Bailey and everyone else: I live in Alabama and we have a 33 foot across above ground pool. We have had these dreaded back swimmers for two years now and still havnt found a way to get rid of them. Our pool is a ionized pool so NO chlorine. We catch and kill on an average 6 to 12 a day. I have found that when I raise our copper level up to very high levels the quanity of the pest reduces, but the side effect is green hair for anyone with fair hair. I also tried a chemical called Bug Out, this worked but the amount of phosphates in the pool caused even greener hair, and I had to empty out about 10,000 gallons of 30,000 gal water and add new calcium. That was a month ago and new larvey has hached The Bugs Are Back. HELP!!!!! Sorry Bailey I guess I am not much help either.

Swimming Insects

Postby Kevman » Sun 19 Sep, 2010 11:22

I have been battling backswimmers in my pool for years and the only way I know to deal with them is fish them out and stomp them. I have literally seen them fly away. But I also found that my chickens find them quite tasty, so if they're near the pool, I flip the swimmers out to them and watch them go to town.
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Swimming Insects

Postby rodelz » Sun 16 Jan, 2011 01:47

I have thousands of these pesky bugs, mine swim right side up so they must be boatman. I just put 1/4 cup of morning fresh in the pool and they all went crazy coming up to the surface to breath, the oxygen won't stick to them so they can't stay under very long, no foaming in pool so the detergent acts as a surfactant so hopefully by tomorrow they will all be gone. I'll keep you posted. fingers crossed!!! :? :?

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Mon 17 Jan, 2011 09:52

rodelz wrote:I have thousands of these pesky bugs, mine swim right side up so they must be boatman. I just put 1/4 cup of morning fresh in the pool and they all went crazy coming up to the surface to breath, the oxygen won't stick to them so they can't stay under very long, no foaming in pool so the detergent acts as a surfactant so hopefully by tomorrow they will all be gone. I'll keep you posted. fingers crossed!!! :? :?

I have the same thing! I see you live near Melbourne - I think it is from the warm rains we had last week - went to the pool shop today and they said stacks of people had been in complaining of small bugs that bite in the pool. They gave me a sponge to put in the skimmer and tomorrow I'm going back to get some liquid that seals the surface of the pool (they were sold out of it today) - the two are supposed to work together - the bugs are revolting and it's the first time I have ever seen them in my pool. Hopefully this will sort them out else im also heading for the Morning Fresh

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