BBB is pool care

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BBB is pool care

Postby gregsfc » Thu 07 Jul, 2016 05:04

As someone who stumbled upon a forum a couple of years ago searching for answers to a lot of things that didn't make sense to me about how one can manage pool care through the use of chemicals the way it is taught by chemical companies and pool stores; and as someone who learned from this other popular forum on the web that I stumbled upon how easy pool care can be and how what is taught by pool stores and chemical companies cannot be right; I am perplexed by the fact that what should, by now, long have been considered proper pool care, is still considered one method of pool care by this one, particular, eccentric group of folks who follow the BBB method.

After learning what I learned from that forum on the web and following their instructions and putting them into practice for two and a half years; never having to shock; never having anything but a crystal clear pool; rarely adding anything but a daily dose of bleach, I can say without reservation, that if a pool or spa is being sanitized by any chlorine product, and if that owner or operator of that pool or spa is not setting the FC level based on the corresponding CYA level, that whatever that other method of pool care is, it should have long been obsolete like the 8-track tape. For some reason though, what was origninally called BBB, is still being referred to in the industry as BBB, as only one method of pool care with chlorine as a sanitizer,and these wrongheaded ideas of pool care are still being held out as the mainstream, even as they don't work and can't work, since they are scientifically flawed in methodology.

The original term for what has now advanced and refined into the only method of pool care that makes any sense if one is sanitizing with chlorine, was called BBB, which stood for Bleach, Borax, and Baking soda but it means so much more than that. This so-called BBB method is the only one that correleates and requires higher and higher necessary FC levels with corresponding higher CYA levels for each individual pool so that pools will actually be sanitizing, instead of becoming dirtier over time, the latter of which is the prescription using traditional methods. BBB not only calls for a specific percentage of FC for a specific CYA level both for daily maintenance and shocking, but this method illustrates why. And it is this "why" that reveals why the traditional methods can't work only but for some luck.

Chem Geek comes on here often and gives advice, and this is good, because this is the person who holds all the answers! This is the person who's got it all figured out for the whole industry as it relates to how pools and spas should be treated with chemicals, how they should be tested, and fixed when there are problems; and this is the person who can show the science and chemical equations for which all the recommended levels, fixes, regimens, and exceptions are based.

My only issue with the so-called BBB methodologies is the organization in which these methodologies are taught. I don't have the answers as to how to fix it, but what I found was that it was a little difficult to go to that website that I referred to earlier in the post and realize that I had stumbled on to a totally different method of pool care. A pool owner or operator doesn't really know how wrong the traditional methods are, and I think when one stumbles on to the BBB method via that popular website, it's not immediately revealed that one should forget everything he or she thinks he or she knows or understands, and then the pool school is taught sort of in a click and read, and back out, click another tab, and so forth and so on. But if there was more of a tutorial-type approach to teaching trouble free pools, and if these pool stores and chemical companies would get ratted out for their disservice to the industry by the main-stream media, then we'd be well on our way to the proper way to care for a pool.

So the point of my post is this...WHEN IS BBB GOING TO STOP BEING CALLED "BBB", AND INSTEAD, CALLED SIMPLY "POOL CARE". Just what is it about the traditional, flawed methods that owners and operators of pools like? Is it that they'd rather spend lots of money and time fixing pools, instead of daily maintenance? Is it that they like all these other chemicals that are not needed and actually cause unnecessary problems? Is it that they don't believe FC and CYA are related? Is it that proper pool care is too complicated to understand? Is it that people actually believe that an FC above 4 is dangerous no matter the CYA level? Is it that they like fixing green or cloudy pools? Is it that they prefer weekly shocking to maintaining acceptable FC levels? Or is it something else that I'm missing?

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