Out of control pool

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Out of control pool

Postby slinkyjosh » Wed 16 Aug, 2017 21:23

Background: I have a 9,000 gal kidney in ground concrete pool in Houston, TX. I haven't been able to get this thing swimmable since I moved in 8 months ago. Most of that time I've ignored it but when I did actively try to clean it I got the water tested and then ended up dumping a few hundred dollars in algaecide, shock, special chems, alkaline stabilizer.....
So my goal is to move to a low maintenance salt pool with an automated PH control system. Should I try and get the pool from blackish green back to blue and then upgrade to salt, or would the upgrade help me to get it under control? I've considered draining it but I live in Houston and am worried that it will pop out. Also I've heard that you must drill holes in the side's to drain it?
What do yall think the best approach would be to this situation?

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Re: Out of control pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 18 Aug, 2017 17:33

Check out my post on "Please help with green pool. Newbie. Tried all guides"
If your water table is high a pool could pop out of the ground. Easy with a fibreglass but harder with a concrete because of the weight. Some pools have a main drain with a hydrostatic relief valve which release's the outside pressure. You would have to investigate this.
I don't have a SWCG but the people that do swear by them although you would have to get the chlorine up to the required Pool Levels also if you do go ahead get one that would be suitable for 20k otherwise it woud have to work 24/7 at 100%

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