Bromine body reaction

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Bromine body reaction

Postby joanne » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 16:18

I have had a terrible body burn from the use of Bromine in the pool. At least 10 years ago, a indoor pool I had a membership to suddenly switched from Chlorine to Bromine in the large pool where I did laps. The first time I broke out wasn't as bad and we didn't know what caused it. The second time I broke out I had a terrible reaction with uticaria over my entire body and was put on Cortisone for a month and had to stop swimming. They later drained the pool and acid washed it and I was able to begin swimming again. I am now at a different pool in a different area and and asked about the use of Bromine. I was told they didn't use it. Yesterday I went swimming and broke out again similar to the 2nd time above and am on cortisone again. I was told by the doctor that more people have reactions to bromine than chlorine. Last time it took a month for my skin to heal and I anticipate the same this time. Can you tell how to get rid of the Bromine in the pool. They admitted to me this morning that on the day before I swam that some compound with Bromine in it was added to the pool . :evil:

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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 01 May, 2007 18:09

Bromine cannot be removed except through backwashing. On an average pool it takes about 6 backwashes to dilute the Bromine down to negligible levels.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix I am aware of for removing Bromine.


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