Can't seem to get my Calcium Hardness under control

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can't seem to get my Calcium Hardness under control

Postby ARAMP1 » Sun 09 Aug, 2020 15:46

I have a salt water pool that is approximately 34K gallons. Since I opened the pool this year, my CH has been around 20. I've added 7 of the 45lb buckets of Leslie's Hardness Plus (which I assume is calcium chloride dehydrate based on the amount the bucket says to add) with little to no change. I have not added more than one 45lb bucket at a time though. I've done it with the pump running and the pump off.

I'm thinking one of two things are happening.

1) The reading is off. I'm using a ColorQ pro 11, but it matches with test strips that are used (there's no CH for the test strips, but all other readings match)
2) The calcium is going somewhere...maybe being absorbed into the pool or in the filter. I cleaned out the salt generator (I bought it at the end of last season) and it had a lot of scale on it.


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Re: Can't seem to get my Calcium Hardness under control

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 09 Aug, 2020 16:47

Get another test done from pool store to check your ColorQ
What is your pool construction and is it new

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