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Little buggers

Postby rarahall » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 16:54

rarahall wrote:
AAAHHHH wrote:I have the same problem. This is the second year I have the pool the first year was bug free. I opened the pool this year and noticed tons of little tiny bugs that look like rice. They are not black but more of a dirty yellow color.


Yes! You have described exactly the way they look only the ones I have bite or sting. You don't notice at first and then all of a sudden its like a stinging sensation all over you and the only thing you can do is get in the water chin deep and then you start to feel them on your face. They don't leave any kind of mark or whelp it just drives me nuts because they don't seam to sting my husband although he says he can see them everywhere. My husband thought he noticed them on the rim of the pool when he pulled it out of the box and began to spread it across the grass and just thought they came from the yard. Another friend bought the same pool and said she noticed them in the box before she ever pulled it out. Is this possible? Also we do use chemicals in our pool and it doesn't seem to have any affect what so ever on the bugs. What are they and how do we get rid of them. One more thing, bug repellent was a thought but I have a baby and the idea of putting a bug spray on us every day that we swim just doesn't sound like a good idea. Someone please help.

One more thing I thought I should add, these bugs aren't just in the water, in fact you may not see any for the first 15 minutes after getting in the pool and then all of a sudden, you can barley see them like tiny specks of light in the air they fly above and around the pool and you can sometimes see a blanket of them lying across the water and then of course they land on you and swarm around.


pool bugs

Postby pontuner42 » Thu 25 Jun, 2009 08:30

I have a new pool and new sod as well as new mulch beds with shrubs in my backyard. I began noticing clusters of tiny black insects in the corners of the pool right at the water line. They tend to crawl up the tile but then fall back into the water only to JUMP onto the tile again. If I get at them vigorously with the pool brush I can move them to the skimmers but yesterday they appeared in round clusters in the middle of the pool. They do not appear every day, that's when I realized they were showing up on the mornings I watered my lawn. My research indicates they are Springtails, non biting/harmless, just a nuisance. They are very small, about 1/16th to 1/8th inch and they are black and they jump. I collected a sample to take to the pool store today, probably won't be of any help. I think I would be better off taking them to Lowe's or Home Depot to let their experts identify them. I've heard that a mild mixture of Dawn dish detergent and water sprayed on them will break the surface tension of the water and then they will drown. Of course this is temporary until the next morning. I may try to spray the detergent on the deck coping and around the perimeter of the pool itself. I do have quarterly bug service but that is certainly not controlling them.

pool bugs

Postby mbutlin » Wed 01 Jul, 2009 06:43

I have had my swimming pool for 19 years and every year the little black critters think they can take up residence in my pool. I go to my local walmart or menards and buy the cheap gallon of algeacide (all my other chemicals are name brand, I believe in good chemicals.) I pour about a fourth of the bottle around the edges and within 15 minutes the bugs are floating. This never fails.

pool bugs

Postby tanner » Tue 28 Jul, 2009 14:34

We live in Ontario Canada and have the same things. Millions of them. This is our 2nd year with the salt water pool. We never had last year. We also had sod last year and did not have them at all. We've asked our pool guy as well as the Pool Company that tests the water....nobody has heard about these before. I can't imagine putting dish soap in the pool. Wouldn't that turn into a giant bubble tub with the jets???
Any other ideas on how to get rid of these nasty things?

pool bugs

Postby GoBananas » Wed 30 Jun, 2010 13:40

SOLUTION! I have them too every year/spring in both my pools Pasadena CA and Palm Springs CA. They do come visit from yards/gardens and not necessarily your own and not necessarily lawns either. One of our homes is adjacent to a golf course. A pool guy told us it's far more common than most realize. Simply use enviromentally safe BIO-DEGRADEABLE dish soap, using a squirt bottle that squirts a straight line [like hair stylists hair dye bottles do] and squirt a line down the center of the pool, which will send surface debris and bugs to the edges, then use a FINE [not standard] net to scoop them out. The little bit of soap will not cause damage to your pool or turn it into a bubble bath either and that type of dish soap is safe on you. You may not get them all when scooping them out, but you'll get many, and many of the others will simply drown because they simply can no longer run across the top of the water. They'll be back, but now you know how to deal with them when they come to visit. Also note that this method of surface cleaning is also used by professional pool services to quickly surface clean pools. So today you've now learned two tricks in one.

Peace, love, equality, and success nailing Jell-O to a tree,
GoBananas a.k.a. GoneBananas

pool bugs

Postby GoBananas » Wed 30 Jun, 2010 13:45

Oh I forgot to mention a quick fun experiment you can do to see the power of this concept in action. Follow these steps.

Fill a big cereal bowl 4/5 with water.

Sprinkle pepper liberally on the top of the water.

Pour dish soap on your index finger.

Slowy stick your index finger that is covered with dish washing soap in the center of the bowl of water and watch what quickly and instantly happens to the pepper.

Have Fun!

pool bugs

Postby Miyoko_Emily » Thu 08 Jul, 2010 11:07

Hi! I've had a problem with small black bugs and have been searching around and found lots of stuff on springtails. Apparently, using a soap like dawn (1tbs to 1cup) and spraying it in your pool kills them temporarally but some will be back in a couple of days. So far I havn't found a longlasting treatment but I hope this helps.
Here are some of the links I found.


http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_ge ... n_the_pool ( this one give you the soap instructions)


pool bugs

Postby Guest » Tue 17 Aug, 2010 19:59

Fred B.

pool bugs

Postby Fred B. » Mon 16 May, 2011 15:26

I have the little black bugs in my pool this year for the first time. I review this site for an answer and actually used a variation of a solution that was offered in a previous post. I put baby oil in a spray bottle...50-50 with water. I sprayed on them when they grouped together and then went to the skimmer and sprayed in there as well. Instantly they were "killed"... they were easy to skim out of the water. Have not seen them since. If they come back simply spray again. This is not to say you should not keep your pool in good working condition... proper PH and cleanliness.

-Chesapeake, Va.

pool bugs

Postby marxstar » Thu 26 May, 2011 19:38

the bugs that are common in pools are called boatmen and backswimmers. Boatmen float on the top, and do not bite and they breath air, backswimmers come to rhe surface and trap air and bring it underwater with them, and have been known to bite , similar to a bee sting. They are attracted to algae where they can lay their eggs, so use an algacide on a regular basis. for instant relieve you can skim them out with your net and put them in a bucket with a few inches of water and either dish soap or some oil, motor oil works well. you can spray your pool with a 50/50 mix of soap and water near where the congregate, usually where the water is still, DO NOT PUT OIL IN YOUR POOL. I know its a pain to catch them, they know your after them, so submerge them for a few seconds, then scoop them out and put them in the bucket. its sux but for everyone you get you stop about a hundred more from being born. Good luck.
Ann C

pool bugs

Postby Ann C » Thu 23 Jun, 2011 09:59

Has anyone found a solution to the tiny, tiny, little black bugs that collect on top of the water (in groups) that occur after a rain? They also have a terrible odor when you skim them from the pool. I've only had the pool for two months and it seems they showed up after putting Zoysia sod about four feet from the pool.
Any help would be appreciated! It's driving me crazy and it takes the skimmer all day to clean them out.

pool bugs

Postby Kara » Thu 07 Jul, 2011 12:11

I just took my baby out of our little baby pool because I noticed tiny black things clumped together on her toys. I empty and clean the pool every other day, but I also noticed those little yellowish bugs swimming above and under the water (I assume the black things are the eggs?). Our pool is away from grass on our deck, so I guess they fly up there like someone else said. I took her out because one did bite me and I didn't want them getting to her. Anyway, I am going to try the suggestion of Dawn.

pool bugs

Postby guest » Tue 09 Aug, 2011 14:34

You can kill them with a spray bottle of skin-so-soft oil and water mixter spray all around the sides of the pool and put son directly on the water. It makes the pool smell good and doesn't hurt anyone or anything! Oh and your skin is so soft after swimming!
I knocked em down in an hour and killed them completely off in a couple days!

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_ge ... z1UYtr81NB
norco ca pool

pool bugs

Postby norco ca pool » Tue 08 Nov, 2011 11:53

I have noticed the same bugs in my pool after installing new sod recently. I also notice these tiny bugs jumping/ flying around the air in the areas where the grass was installed. Has anyone been able to confirm the identity of these microbugs, also has anyone had any luck treating the lawn with insecticides to kill them?

pool bugs

Postby skylink » Mon 21 May, 2012 19:47

My neighbors just got a new plastic pool, a large one. It's made in China. Could they be somehow coming with the pools..?
Thank You,

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