pool bugs

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??
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pool bugs

Postby pooltech758 » Thu 03 Apr, 2014 21:18

Small insects as well as pollen are common this time of year. The good news is the seasons are short. While they are here there are a few things that you can do about them.
First thing is to make sure that the water level is to the proper level to allow the skimmer to remove surface debris.
---A good rule of thumb is about one inch from the top of the skimmer opening to one inch above the bottom of the skimmer.
---Also regular brushing of the tile followed by skimming with a fine filter pool net.
---Adjust the jets to promote surface agitation and circulation towards the skimmer.
---Regular filter cleaning, about once every other week or every week if you desire.

Hope this helps
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pool bugs

Postby Tucker » Sat 12 Jul, 2014 13:54

We have those also in the pool, but did not have them in the water until I sprayed down the lanai with the water hose. They were clusters of them on the top of the lanai. We also had them clustered up on the inside rubber seal of our car. How did they get in there?

pool bugs

Postby Estergren » Wed 13 Aug, 2014 07:54

I am beside myself I just spent thousands of dollars on my new inground pool and now we have these bugs same as stated here little black flea looking things I have tried it all liquid chlorine ,algaecide, dawn soap, shocking the pool ! I also had a pest guy come out he said he could only treat the grass . Oh these also did not start until after I got sod put down. I'm at my wits end! Someone please help! After reading online it looks like these things don't stop breeding in the winter they just slow down... When I close my pool and cover it are they just gonna multiply the whole winter??? Anyone know how to kill these???????
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I'm new here
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Re: pool bugs

Postby Blackred » Mon 12 Dec, 2016 22:32

I have black teeny tiny type things clumped together and seperatly on the top of my poo. Now they have disappeared after 4 hours of the filter running. Took some in a container to my pool people and they don't know what they are. Just don't want to put my kids in pool if they are something to be super concerned about!
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I'm new here
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Re: pool bugs

Postby kennyshin » Sun 28 Jan, 2018 09:43

I have the same issue and finally worked out that ever since I got new grass/turf laid out and also a small garden bed with those mulch that you wet so it expands that this is probably why I have all these springtails. I realised that they will just keep jumping into the pool from the sources where there is decay and dampness. I googled on how to remove spring tails and they talk about a cedar oil spray which I can't get in Australia but I can get cedar oil grains which is a natural a way to kill springtails and other insects from what I read. I got dogs and a newborn so don't want any harmful insectides sprayed. Fingers cross this fixes up the issue but for anyone who is reading, don't bother treating just the pool. you can shock it or spray soapy water but they will come back everyday. I noticed in the day time they not out much but come night (grab a spot light) you will see these critters jumping around having a party and half of them probably fall in the pool cause they having such a good time haha.

At least I know the sources and I think that is important if you want to clean up your pool. just be thankful you dont have these critters inside your house, i read some hectic stories where they get into the house, on the bed, in the sink, bathtub. damn!

If anyone finds any other good solutions would love to hear them, until then I will try this cedar oil grain trick.

Only place I could find it in Australia - http://backtonatureforcanines.com.au/in ... uct_id=290

Not sure about America.

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