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Pool Gone Wild

Postby texaspoolnewbie » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 12:47

Okay so we moved into a new home with a salt pool. 17000 gal, Aqua Logic, Hayward 4 106 sqft filter cartridge. Pool looks great, get lots of rain, then one warm day and pool goes wild. We dont know about this thing, but in hindsight think it was begging for salt all along.

So we have black, green, yellow, sludge for water in a matter of days. Take sample in and come home with a arm load of fixers. But no salt? I am missing the results from this day. But do have the chemicals asked to add....
3lbs Green to Clean
3lbs Chlor Brite
wait 24 hrs
3lbs Fresh n' Clean
Cleaning filters before and after

Water starts to look 85% better within 48hrs
Results on 2nd testing, assumed pool was 14000gal
Free Avail Chlor 0
Total Avail Chlor 4
Bromine X
PH 8 (4)
Alk ISO or does it say 150
Cal Hard 200
CYA 60
Diss Solids X
Cop/Iron X
Phosphates X
Salt 1400

Sent home with 2lbs shock, wait 6 hours
14oz Pool First Aid
Still no Salt!
Meanwhile cleaning filters like a trained monkey!

48hrs later 3rd test results, still thinking 1400 gals
Free Avail Chlor 1
Total Avail Chlor 1
Bromine X
PH 7.8 (3)
Alk ISO or 150
Cal Hard 200
CYA 60
Diss Solids X
Cop/Iron X
Phosphates X
Salt 1500 but didnt add salt?

Sent home with
Muric Acid add 3 cups
1lb Shock
4 bags salt

Again cleaning filters, manual vac., scrub, soaking/cleaning cell, the works... Start thinking, okay this cant be right, we need more salt!

Meanwhile the Generator is happier, starts to work and says salt is increasing. We also start to do our own math and pool is more like 17000 gals. Pump has been on 24/7 during this whole mess. Generator is running at 80%

So 24 hrs later, with rain on it's way, I decide that I am not waiting the 48hrs we need salt! So more test results...today

Free Avail Chlor 0 Consider all of the shock and what I put in less then 24hrs ago
Total Avail Chlor 0
Bromine X
PH 7.6 (nothing written here)
Alk 100
Cal Hard 200
CYA 80
Diss Solids X
Cop/Iron X
Phosphates X
Salt 2500 Yes!! We are getting somewhere

Sent home with 2 more bags of Salt, 8lbs each. Add salt and generator jumps to 2900 within hours. And 3 lbs Shock which I have not done. Thinking let salt and generator do it thing? Or save til after this rain headed our way?

Current water condition... We are a bit cloudy. No real sign of algae gone nuts, but can see some light brown specks on walls and feels slimy to touch.

They tried to tell me my 2.5 y/o filters are not working, but they are white when washed and had no issues taking on the excessive vacuuming I have been doing. Also tried to talk about the Phosphate Free program, although I have no phosphates and really just wanted to see the bottom of the pool and need to get water in shape first. Took my auto vac in to look at and needed 100 in parts, um no did it on the net for 40$, score for the little giy! The cell has been tested fine. Water temp per box is 70, outside 80

So I am still buying my chemicals from the big man and having water tested there. I want several things, one get this under control even if it means spending more there and two to learn to do this on my own so I can save money via the net or discount stores...


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Postby chem geek » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 13:10

If you want to learn to control your pool using chlorine alone without the need for supplemental chemical products (except perhaps acid), read the Stickies at this forum. If you post there, many people can help you.

In the meantime, just remember to keep your Free Chlorine (FC) level at least at 4.5% of the CYA level so at your 60 ppm CYA you should target around 3 ppm FC. 1-2 ppm FC will not necessarily be enough to keep away algae. Manually dosed chlorine pools need a higher chlorine level, but SWG pools can usually get away with the FC roughly 5% of CYA level.

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Postby mr_clean » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 13:44

if your salt level is 2500ppm you need to add salt & have it at 3200ppm
Goldline who makes this tells you in it's owners manual
here which should help you with your pool. The lowest salt level that still allows it to work is 2700ppm & anything below it shuts off to protect generator.
If salt goes above 3400ppm it will do the same thing.
Keeping your PH as best you can at 7.2 will help keep cell cleaner so you clean it less.

Postby Guest » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 13:48

So we are on the right track them by adding the salt...

Is there anything else I should add or just wait for the generator to kick up the Chlorine, once the salt levels reach the right level?
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby texaspoolnewbie » Tue 08 Apr, 2008 13:57

Anonymous wrote:So we are on the right track them by adding the salt...

Is there anything else I should add or just wait for the generator to kick up the Chlorine, once the salt levels reach the right level?

Okay this was supposed to be me, but posted under Pool user.

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