Help, not sure what exactly is my problem

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help, not sure what exactly is my problem

Postby whitewolf103187 » Thu 30 Apr, 2009 12:56

My mom is running a lodge/motel and we have an indoor pool and hot tub. The hot tub registers at 1200 Gallons and the pool at 15,000. Over the past week I've been getting really odd readings using the taylor k-2006c testing kit in either the spa or pool.

For the free cholrine test at 25ml sample I add 2 dippers of dpd powder, mix it with the water and it is supposed to turn pinkish red... but at 25ml it just goes clear. At 10 ml testing sample it turns dark pinkish red and I'm not able to change the color to clear using the DPD reagent supplied in the kit. if I add 5 drops of the dpd titrating agent it is "supposed" to turn back to pink so I can test for combined cholorine yet it turns yellow. Nowhere in the taylor kit does it say anything about if it turns to yellow instead of pink.

The ph is between 6.8 and 7 and ph rise or lower does not effect it very much.

Total alkilinity testing uses a 25ml sample of water where I add 2 drops of thisulfate (to combat chlorine messing with readings?), then add 5 drops of total alkalinity indicator. Then I am supposed to add drops of <1% sulfuric acid and multiply that number by ten for total alkalinity. At 7 drops of the sulfuric acid with 2 drops of thiosulfate it turns the sample from green to yellow instead of green to red. Where as if I would use 7 drops of thiosulfate instead of two I get 90 ppm alkalinity and it does not turn yellow at all.

Cyanuric acid is within what it should be also. I've tried shocking both the pool and hot tub and it does little to no effect on anything. I haven't tested hardness as i figured it wouldn't have much effect on anything.

I do have monitors on the walls for the pool and hot tub and they read as follows

Hot tub - ph 6.8 to 7.0 and ORP 750
Pool - ph 6.9-7.2 and ORP 680

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Help, not sure what exactly is my problem

Postby Me... » Thu 30 Apr, 2009 17:05

I was thinking your chlorine could be extremely high but with your ORP readings I dont think so, IF they are calibrated. Your ph is a little low so the ORP reading will be falsely high a bit also.

Best bet is have the water tested elsewhere to verify. Could be your test chemicals are outdated? Were frozen?

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